Revelation Film Festival 2014

2014 Films

Revel8 Super 8 Film Competition

Special Event

Duration: 100mins

Screening Program: Approx 16-20 films

One show only!

Revel-8 is presented by Keith Smith, Co-ordinator Film and Video, Edith Cowan University with thanks to Lindsay Vickery and the talented music composition students at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. 

Fantasy plays a big part in our daily lives – whether it takes us to other worlds or makes this one just a bit more interesting! Dream the dream as Revel-8’s celluloid heroes take us into the realms of the imagined.

Filmmaker challenge: shoot one reel of silent Super 8 film in-camera lasting just 3 1/2 minutes.

Composer challenge: compose and record a music soundtrack without even meeting the director.

Audience challenge: cheer for your favourite film as you sit side-by-side with anxious filmmakers who haven't seen or heard their films, and nervous composers who want to know if they've got it right!

Prizes to be awarded on the night include Best Film, Best Music Soundtrack, Best Super 8 Cinematography and Audience Choice Award.