Revelation Film Festival 2014

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July 6-14
Pan Pacific Hotel, Scitech, Studio Startup, Sunset Studios, The HIVE @ Curtin University and the Fremantle Maritime Museum

Full Program:

Got a hankering to explore what’s going on in the local, national and international world of VR, AR, AI and games?

Well for 2019 and beyond we’re proud to announce WA’s own major conference and public expo devoted to these new forms of screen-based technology and content production.

Running parallel with our film program, XR:WA bring six days of specialised programs for the film lovers, screen artists, families, industry, academia and anyone interested in these new and exciting forms.

Happening at venues across Perth, Fremantle and many places in between, the program is packed with VR and immersive experiences, playable games, live team VR gameplay, workshops, talks, screenings, 360’ films and dozens of other events and activities.

Register as a conference delegate for the whole experience or just buy individual tickets for each experience, XR:WA is a must for all sectors of the screen industry and for those wanting to explore new work, new ideas and new approaches.

Highlights include

Official Selection: SXSW, Cannes

A distinctive portrait of the world-famous street artist. The 360' film and interactive VR art gallery take the viewer inside Rone’s world where you wander through and explore Rone’s works. At the end of the gallery you find a large orb where the 360’ video documentary begins.

Pan Pacific Hotel


Spacecubed Games and Experience Emporium
A highlight of XR:WA is the specially programmed VR/AR/MR, games and immersive emporium. Featuring a diverse range of mostly locally produced works, this section of the conference and expo features the playable, the wearable and the tactile all in one spot at one time. It’s a place where you can meet the makers, discover the unexpected and experience the breadth and depth works from WA creatives alongside with a good dash of their national and international comrades.

Friday 12-14 July, 9.30am- 5pm
Pan Pacific Hotel


Ready Team One
Are you ready for the full body game play experience of Ready Team One? We think not as you’re about to get your tiny minds blown with an immersive experience like no other. The year is 2130 and an urgent request for military assistance is received after colony planet, ikeda 7’s planetary shields are mysteriously disabled. Answer the call for help by taking control of your avatar combat suit complete with futuristic armour and weapons in this fantastic untethered live game play for up to 5 players.

5 Players, 30min game time
Fri 12 - Sun 14 July, 10am- 5pm
Pan Pacific Hotel


Installation: On Exactitude in Science
On Exactitude in Science is a two-screen video installation, featuring a synchronized presentation of Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi (1982) & Alan Butler's Koyaanisgtav (2017). Using Koyaanisqatsi as a screenplay itself, Butler has stunningly transposed this work into a new form using the virtual worlds within the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Always surprising and an impressive work by anyone’s standards.
Originally Commissioned by IMMA – Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2017.
Koyaanisqatsi (© IRE 1983, All Rights Reserved) courtesy of Godfrey Reggio and the Institute for Regional Education
Fri 12 - Sun 14 July, 9.30am- 5pm
Pan Pacific Hotel


Playup Perth Games Showcase presented by Sentient Computing
Want to experience what’s actually going on in Perth with locally developed games of all kinds? Then Play Up Perth presented by Sentient Computing is the place to do it! You’ll be able to explore some of the freshest ideas from some of WA’s new digital practitioners alongside some of our internationally recognised. Curated by games expert Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie, Play Up Perth has established a considerable reputation as the key meeting and testing ground for locally produced games work.
Fri 12 - Sun 14 July, 9.30am-5pm
Pan Pacific Hotel


Beer & Board Games 
Over 3 nights as part of XR:WA, Perth’s own secret co-working space, Studio Startup, plays host to beer and board games! We’ll also be having some multiplayer computer games for you to explore plus perhaps the occasional talk and other distractions.Entry is free and there’s a bar. In what is essentially a table-top Open Mic, Immersive After Dark is a unique opportunity to explore both the space and the ideas. Games, stories, forms,  ideas, testing and talking, it’s all on the table.
Fri 12 - Sun 14 July, 8pm-11pm
Studio Startup



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Session Times

  • July 6th-14th

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