Revelation Film Festival 2014

2018  Films

Experimental Showcase Pt 2

Part 2 of this contemporary experimental cinema showcase exploring  the breadth of imagination of filmmakers and artists. These works shift between styles, moods, techniques and demands, from the dreamlike proto-surrealism to micro-documentaries, and all spaces in between and beyond. 

Please note that these programmes run consecutively.

Experimental Showcase Program Two:

Memories and Landscapes:
Found footage, scenes from the anthropocene, haunted landscapes and dreams of the future. 

Overshadow 2  
Lyla Rye, 16 min, Canada
Inspired by the space-age design and utopian aspirations of the 1970's, Overshadow creates the illusion of a strange eclipse using images of contemporary life shot by the artist's teenage daughter. The audio score, by Debashis Sinha, creates a celestial soundscape that gradually layers and distorts with intermittent percussive musical interventions. 
The piece can work as an installation or in a screening context.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Peter Miller, 9 min, Aus
An exploration of sleep, sanity and space via HP Lovecraft and The Rules and Regulations of the Insane Asylum of California. Original sound and music by Peter Miller, image created from found public domain footage.

Grey Water/Black Water  
Josh Drake, 3 min
A Super 8 in-camera-edit expressing my anxieties over the drinking water in my home/being a homeowner/having a family/being a father/using the internet.

601 Revir Drive
Josh Weissbach, 9 min, USA
A series of spatial limits are defined while a maker imbibes. Interdependence is inherited after a substance cannot be shook. An animal carefully guards an outlined space as a river runs backwards.

Circles of Confusion
Jason Britski, 5 min, Canada
Circles of Confusion” is formal experiment that combines underwater photography and archival “home movie” footage. The images are manipulated, superimposed, and degraded digitally in order to reveal the beauty and the danger hovering at their margins.

Edge of Alchemy
Stacey Steers, 19 min, USA
Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor are delicately lifted from their early silent features and cast into a surreal epic with an unending of the Frankenstein story amid contemporary undercurrents of hive collapse in this handmade film, assembled from over 6,000 collages. Edge of Alchemy is the third film in a trilogy examining the psychological terrain of women’s inner worlds. Music by Lech Jankowski (Brothers Quay). 

Liam Morgan, 10 min, Thailand
As a primordial character emerges from the soupy earth, a woman leaves the confines of a blind civilization. Their paths move closer to each other and a strange creature bodes ill.

Program Duration: 71 min approx

Sun 8th, 12.15pm, Luna Leederville

Sun 15th, 12.30pm, Luna Leederville


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Session Times

  • Sun 8th, 12.15pm, Luna Leederville
  • Sun 15th, 12.30pm, Luna Leederville

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