Revelation Film Festival 2014

2018  Films

Experimental Showcase Pt 1

Part 1 of a 2-part program of contemporary experimental cinema that showcase the breadth of imagination of filmmakers and artists. These works shift between styles, moods, techniques and demands, from the dreamlike proto-surrealism to micro-documentaries, and all spaces in between and beyond. 

Please note that programme 1 & 2 run consecutively.

Experimental Showcase Program One: 

Experimental films addressing bodies; working bodies, gendered bodies, leisured bodies, horrific bodies, struggling bodies, non-human bodies.

Song For Our Aquarium
Tommy Becker, 5 min, USA
We know the importance of our physical body to our being, but there are also those invisible, external elements that sustain life that we know nothing about and others that we recognize, but are in the process of destroying. Symbiosis is the mutually advantageous relationship between two organisms that live in close association with one another.

Animal Cinema
Emilio Vavarella, 12 min, USA
Animal Cinema is a film composed of fragments of videos of animals operating cameras. All cameras were stolen by animals who acted autonomously. These video materials, downloaded from YouTube between 2012 and 2017, have been reorganized in Animal Cinema as a constant unfolding of non-human modes of being.

Nude Descending The Staircase Continuously
Jacek Jedrzejczak, 8 min, Poland
This work is a creative dialogue, a visual work freely corresponds with the work by Duchamp in a way focused on the possibilities of the use of the film technique.
The inspiration with the works by other artists is an element absent in my art, yet this one artist I consider to be an exceptionally important - not only to me but to the creative process perceived widely and universally. The visual means used and the continuum specifics given to the film create the point of reference for your own interpretation - either by people aware of Duchamp's art, or not.
This work is an hommage of a kind to Marcel Duchamp, the French artist and experimenter, author of the "ready-made" term. “Nude Descending a Staircase” (1912) is one of his best known works.

The Pact
Erin Coates, 7 min, Aus
features two bodies, sometimes behind or even obscured by pouring blood. The bodies, two women rock-climbers, are climbing in a black space of unknown dimensions. The extreme physical exertion of these actions is visible in the straining muscles and tension in the bodies, as sheets of blood fall through the space and a sense of abstract horror slowly rises. To endure the space and remain suspended within it, the figures are reliant on one another.

That’s Why I Like It
Sydney Southam, 19 min, Canada
“That’s Why I Like It” is a culmination of my work as an artist, filmmaker, professional pole dancer and stripper. Using my own complicated experiences and insights into the labour conditions as inspiration for my line of questioning, I began interviewing and filming dancers from varying backgrounds in their homes, asking them questions around Feminism, objectification, power, and love. The edited interviews are paired with a looping multi-channel video installation depicting the women’s bodies from behind, swaying and twerking in hypnotic slow motion. The result is a critical and empathetic look at the lives of a group of women who are simultaneously exhalted and demeaned because of their profession, and strives to understand what it means to be consensually objectified for a living.

Mia Forrest, 13 min, Aus
Two women traverse around one another in a motel; a guest retiring to leisure, and a housekeeper resisting it.

Beth’s Three O’Clock With Dr Harlow
Emma Penaz Eisner, 2 min
Beth discloses a recent dream to her analyst. A vivid study of casual brutality and failed empathy, this surrealistic film intermixes stop motion animation with live action sequences.

Program duration: 71 min approx

Sun 8th, 10.30am, Luna Leederville

Sun 15th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville


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Session Times

  • Sun 8th, 10.30am, Luna Leederville
  • Sun 15th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville

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