Revelation Film Festival 2014

2018  Films

The Ranger

One screening only!

A gang of punks on the run decide to hide in a remote cabin, deep in the woods. But of course, they didn’t count on the presence of The Ranger. 

Making her feature directorial debut, Jenn Wexler – who also co-wrote the script with Giaco Furino – creates a fast-paced, blood splattered punk rock slasher movie, with a cast that includes Chloe Levine (The Defenders) and Jeremy Holm (Mr Robot). The Rangeris perfect late-night cinema; punks, death, violence, and all the more enjoyable for it!

 “This is a fun throwback with a killer soundtrack and enough solid kills in its 77 minutes (was that on purpose? if so, kudos) to sate spiky haired gorehounds everywhere.” – ScreenAnarchy 

Screens with the short film The Intentions of F Scott Fitzgerald.

Sat 7th, 11.15pm, Luna Leederville

The Ranger banner
  • Director:Jenn Wexler
  • Year:2018
  • Country:USA
  • Duration:77mins
  • Rated:Unclassified 18

Session Times

  • Sat 7th, 11.15pm, Luna Leederville

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