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Australian Premiere

Official Selection: Toronto Film Festival
Winner: Canadian Screen Awards and Vancouver Film Critics Circle. ?

1976 and fifteen-year-old Kit (Dylan Authors) and his girlfriend Alice (Julia Sarah Stone) decide to run away, hitching across Nova Scotia to meet with Kit's artistic mother Laura (Molly Parker) whose very existence sounds exciting to the bored teens. As they hit the road, they start to find out more about one another, and what they hope for in life: Alice loves Kit, but Kit's spiritual guide seems to be Andy Warhol, and as the road trip continues he approaches a life changing realisation. 

A beautifully realised coming-of-age film / road movie, Weirdos explores the lives of its youthful protagonists with a genuine understanding thanks to both the excellent cast and multi-award-winning direction from Bruce (Hardcore Logo, Pontypool, Highway 61) McDonald. Weirdos is a movie which catches the long final summer of youth with a poignant affection.

"A lovely, low-key memory piece, vibrant with the awkward grace of adolescence" Hollywood Reporter. 

Sat 8th, 4.45pm, Luna Leederville
Sun 16th, 1:00pm, Luna Leederville

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  • Director:Bruce McDonald
  • Year:2016
  • Country:Canada
  • Duration:85mins
  • Rated:Unclassified 15

Session Times

  • Sat 8th, 4.45pm, Luna Leederville
  • Sun 16th, 1:00pm, Luna Leederville

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