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March Australian Revelations: The Pretend One

One of the undiscovered Australian films of 2017, The Pretend One has been described as “perfect in every aspect” by our friends at Cinema Australia and it’s easy to see why.

Filled with great performances and plenty of heart, the film is a fantastic and idiosyncratic adult coming of age. Charlie and Hugo are aged in their 20s, live in a rural town in Central Queensland and have been best friends their whole lives.  There’s just one thing – Hugo is Charlie’s imaginary friend.

Though their relationship has always been platonic, when Charlie begins to fall for Guy, a producer from the city scouting for a TV documentary series – Hugo realises he’s in love with Charlie. He sets about trying to win her for himself but it’s obvious he can’t compete in the real world. He decides that the only way to win Charlie back is to become real himself and from there lovely and authentic relationships both form and unwind.

The Pretend One is a great surprise bundle and absolutely guaranteed to please.

Mon. 25 March, 6:30 pm
Perth Backlot
21 Simpson St
West Perth

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March Australian Revelations: The Pretend One banner
  • Director:Tony Prescott
  • Year:2017
  • Country:Aus
  • Duration:87mins
  • Rated:M

Session Times

  • Mon 25 March, 6:30pm

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