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August Australian Revelations: Dead Calm


Dead Calm is brilliant psychological thriller by anyone’s standards.

Rae (Nicole Kidman) and John Ingram (Sam Neill) are a couple cruising the Pacific in a bid to get their marriage back on track after the death of their son. Things are quite idyllic, but they soon encounter a vessel taking on water manned by a charismatic lone sailor Hughie Warriner (Billy Zane). Hughie informs Rae and John that the crew of his vessel have all perished from food poisoning, but there’s something more than a little fishy (sorry) in Hughie’s story and from there things go rapidly southward for Rae and John.

Director Philip Noyce masterfully ratchets up the tension to excruciating levels as a white-knuckle game of cat and mouse on the high seas takes place.

The cast, script and technical production (with photography from Dean Semler) in this Australian classic are universally excellent and Noyce keeps this lean three-hander cracking along despite the doldrums which imprisons the vessel.

This bona-fide Australian thriller classic is tight as an alligator’s proverbial and still today remains utterly gripping and consistently exciting with all players fantastic to look at.

A rare and highly enjoyable cinema experience and an Australian must-see.


Mon 27th Aug, 6:30 pm
The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street, West Perth, WA 6005

Ticket includes complimentary finger food and drinks.


August Australian Revelations: Dead Calm banner
  • Director:Philip Noyce
  • Year:1989
  • Country:Aus
  • Duration:96mins
  • Rated:M

Session Times

  • Mon 27th Aug, 6:30 pm, The Backlot Perth, 21 Simpson Street, West Perth

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