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May Australian Revelations: Shame

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Oh mamma…when this film hit the WA production slate, did it cause a stir!

It’s difficult for anyone who was even remotely connected with the WA film and theatre sector of the time not to have some form of 1-degree of separation with knowing someone in it, someone who worked on it or was in it themselves! In fact some of us in the Rev crew still see some of these folks regularly (hi Mark Zagar!).

Deborra Lee-Furness plays Asta Cadell, a no-nonsense lawyer leather-clad, free-wheeling her way around the country on a very powerful motorcycle. As happens, her bike breaks down in isolated rural WA where she has to spend some time in town while the hog is repaired. As a guest of the town mechanic Tim Curtis (played by Aussie film stalwart Tony Barry), Asta rapidly discovers the town is hiding a dark secret that has, and can, only lead to tragedy…and so a powerful story of justice and revenge takes shape that will change the town forever.

Recently restored by the Australian National Film and Sound Archive this rock-solid drama is packed with excellent performances and a real sense of urgency as the frustration of everyone reaches explosive levels. Most certainly ahead of its time Shame was filmed in and around Toodyay and has actually become more relevant and important with time.

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  • Director:Steve Jodrell
  • Year:1988
  • Country:Aus
  • Duration:94mins
  • Rated:

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