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April School Holiday Animations

Our enormously popular free school holiday animation program and the WA State Library is back with a whole new collection of international animations selected especially for young audiences and families.

If you're of an older vintage though, don't dismay you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face with these two wonderul programs screening every weekday during the April school holidays. On offer for our viewing enjoyment are thesetwo brilliant 50 minute screenings:

Fluffy McCloud & Friends
Weekdays Daily: Monday April 16th - Friday April 27th 10:30am (excl April 25th)
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Blueberry Hunt
Alexandra Hetmerova, Katerina Karhankova, Czech Republic, 6'40, 2017
Two bears head to gather blueberries for breakfast – but first they have to deal with hiccups.

Between The Lines
Maria Koneva, Russia, 4'44, 2017
The coolest, most stylish Zebra in the whole wide world.

Yuliya Boublikova, Canada, 3'55, 2011
When her clockwork spaceship breaks down, the pilot needs to do a few repairs – with a little help from a handy clockwork bird and her teddy bear.

Orange O Despair
John Banana, France, 4’00, 2017
The dancingist little orange in the shop.

Stepan Birukov, Russia, 5'46, 2010
A very special little circus with some very special little stars.

My Little Chicken
Jeremy Diamond, Alex Hawley, Canada, 1'27, 2017
My Little Chicken is peck-peck-pecking. And whatever she’s peck-peck-pecking she’s wreck-wreck-wrecking.

Juila Ocker, Germany, 4’00, 2017
All the most important penguins have arrived at the party and everything needs to be absolutely perfect.

Fluffy McCloud
Conor Finnegan, Ireland, 3'00, 2010
An independent little cloud finally finds a use for all the rain he's been carrying around. 

Wilder Life
Grace Evetts, Emily Langdon-Smith, Dan Corbett, UK, 3’30, 2017
Did you ever wonder how a flamingo got to be pink?

Shave It
Fernando Maldonado, Jorge Tereso, Argentina, 4'15, 2015
This harebrained, funny monkey superhero has figured out how to have the wildest time.

Nathan Jurevicius, Australia, 7'00, 2016
The Face Changers have always made the clay tokens that control the winds and alter their faces.  But it’s time for a special journey.


Ollie the Day Owl & Other Adventures
Weekdays Daily: Monday April 16th - Friday April 27th 1pm (excl April 25th)
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Venelin Veltchev, Bulgaria, 6'00, 2012
This hilarious little pig is having a really hard time trying to figure out who he is and how he can get along with the other animals. 

Julia Ocker, Germany, 3'38, 2017
One little ant decides he wants to quit working and start playing but most ants don’t really know how to play.

I Want To Live In The Zoo
Evgenia Golubeva, UK, 6’01, 2017
One little girl finds out it’s more complicated trying to live in a zoo than she thought when she first came up with the idea. 

Ollie The Day Owl
Janelle Santner, USA, 2'39, 2011
Who ever heard of an owl who sleeps at night and stays up all day. Well…. meet Ollie.

Leaf Fall
Rim Sharafutdinov, Russia, 5'09, 2017
It’s autumn which means it’s time for the forest orchestra to tune up.

The Adventure Of The Afternoon
Vance Yang, Stella Huang, Taiwan, 7’45, 2016
One little boy’s very big adventure on a river full of very smart and friendly fish.

Helicopter Leaves
Christopher Purdin, USA, 3’00, 2017
A funny song played by ants and owls paying tribute to those little leaves that spiral down from the trees on a hot summer’s day.

High Above The Sky
Shaun Clark, Kim Noce, UK, 3'00, 2017
The rocketship ride outside the supermarket is the bestest one there is. It goes way, way up and swoops way, way down.

A Child’s Metaphysics
Koji Yamamura, JAPAN, 5’12, 2007
Everybody knows it – kids definitely have the best imaginations and the craziest, funniest and weirdest ideas. Heaps better than any adult can come up with. And here’s proof.

Robert Lobel, Germany, 4’00, 2012
If the wind is strong enough you can play table tennis by yourself, lose your hat, let your hair go wild or even fly on the end of a long string.

Szofita Land
Szofita, Hungary, 6'46, 2017
A wonderfully crazy, wickedly special land to escape to.

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