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Accidental Cinema Pt 1

Accidental Cinema is a moving image art commission developed in collaboration between Rev, the City of Perth and the National Film and Sound Archive.

For months now we've been working with Perth's own projection maestro Roly Skender and Frankensound and the NFSA on a three-screen installation in a vacant shopfront at the Hay St end of the Piccadilly Arcade. Using some of the earliest footage of Perth ever shot this lovely piece of history is drawn from the beautifully restored Corrick collection.

The Corrick Collection contains some of the oldest surviving silent films in the world. They were restored after spending many years in a Tasmanian garage, eventually being donated to the NFSA by the Corrick family.

The collection features hundreds of nitrate films collected by the Tasmanian Corrick family, who were touring their vaudeville show around the world at the turn of the century, screening many short films along the way.

Leonard Corrick was a projectionist and cameraman who would shoot local street scenes to be shown on screen that very night. His son John explained in 2011, "My father took street scenes in Perth. Of course, everybody crowded into the streets and got their photographs taken, and they were on the screen that night and of course it swelled the numbers in the theatre, didn't it? So that was a gimmick to get the numbers up".

The collection features some of the oldest known moving image records of Perth from 1907.

This first instalment of Accidental Cinema will run until the end of December.

Stay tuned for more Accidental Cinemas...

Read more about the Corrick collection here.


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  • Director:Corrick family
  • Year:1907
  • Country:Aus
  • Duration:Looped
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