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Mini Rev Free October Animations

Our fabulous free program of family animations is back for the October school holidays and we can't wait to hear what you think.

In partnership with the City of Perth and the Awesome children's festival we present two programs of brand new international animations suitable for all ages. 

These two 50-minute programs feature short animations from the world over - from Hungary to Japan and from Australia to Russia you'll experience the most wonderful animation of all kinds for your viewing pleasure...and it won't cost you a red cent. How good is that!


Saturday 30 September to Sunday 1 October: 11.30am (Program 1) & 1pm (Program 2)

Monday 2 October: 1pm (Program 1) & 3pm (Program 2)

Tuesday 3 October to Monday 9 October: 11.30am (Program 1) & 1pm (Program 2)

These get mighty busy so you must reserve your place by clicking right here.


Great Southern Room, State Library of WA

Program 1
This program features:

My Mum Is An Airplane
Yulia Aranova, Russia, 7mins
Mums can do anything – and this one can fly you to some amazing places. 

Geoffrey Godet, Burcu Sankur, France, 1min
Birds, bugs, butterflies and snakes. It sure is a crowded jungle.

Elizaveta Monokhina, Polina Manokhina, Russia, 3min
When you have to share a space, it’s always better to work together.

Fire In Cardboard City
Phil Brough, New Zealand, 9mins
If your whole city is made of cardboard, you should be really careful about playing with matches.

Rebecca Silvers, USA, 3mins
Where do butterflies come from and what do they think as they emerge from their cocoon into the world?

Dana Sink, USA, 2mins
Imagine the craziest, silliest machine ever and then try and figure out what it’s for and what it’s supposed to do.

Summer Time
Akino Fukuji, Japan, 6mins
Life sure is pretty good when you get to explore the beach with your dog on a warm summer day.

Katya Miloslavskaya, Russia, 4mins
The weird tale of a black and white cat that rides a whale off into outer space.

Chronic Tonic
Stephen Mead, USA, 3mins
Some days you just gotta dance to the beat.

The Tie    
An Vrombaut, Belgium, 9mins
Dad sure is tall and his tie seems super-long but all that’s just more reason to play.  


Program 2
This program features:

Negareh Halmi, Iran, 2'mins
A wondrous world of dancing colours and magical shape-shifting plasticine.

Julia Ocker, Germany, 3mins
This little zebra can’t figure out if he’s black and white or white and black.

The Cloud And The Whale
Alena Tomilova, Russia, 3mins
You just never know where you’ll find a friend.

Shell Game
Yishen Li, Canada, 2mins
Down on the ocean floor, every crab wants the fanciest shell they can find but there’s only so many to go around.

Square Guy
Colin Mapp, USA, 2'mins
Square Guy has to be pretty careful – he lives in a crazy world where anything can happen.

Sun-Min Lee, Richard Chhoa, Victoria Dinh, Australia, 4mins
Sure – you have to be careful when you go play in the wind but if you do it right you can really fly high.

Made For More
Yoojin Seol, USA, 4mins
A little girl goes on an amazing journey to the top of a colourful totem pole - but how to get back home to Mum.

Go To The City Ele
Wenyu Lee, China, 10mins
It’s never a good idea to judge somebody coz they look a bit different. They’re probably just like you and one day you might need their help.

Dragon Sledge
Evgeniya Jirkova, Russia, 3mins
This little girl just wants to play in the snow but Dad’s busy on the phone. What to do?

Nimbus, The Cloud Catcher
Marco Nick, Brazil, 17mins
Did you ever wonder where clouds come from and who controls them? It must be really, really complicated.



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