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The Man Who Fell to Earth

Presented as part of Fringe World

Dir: Nicholas Roeg
Year: 1976
Country: UK
Duration: 139mins

Newly restored!

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Thomas Jerome Newton (Bowie) spends his time on Earth developing a way to transport water to his drought-ravaged planet. To help him get there he develops a giant corporation and its from there the myriad distractions of his new surroundings absorb his time.

As Bowie's first feature film role, The Man Who Fell to Earth marked him as a true multi-disciplinary talent with the film credited as launching his Thin White Duke character - and it's of course his performance that carries the film.

A staple of the fledging independent arthouse cinema movement for years, this enigmatic film has lost nothing in its stylistic flourishes and individuality and remains as beguiling as ever despite the years passed since its release.

"A freaky, compelling concept album of a film" - The Guardian

"There are moments here that approach the sublime" - Time Out

"The Man Who Fell to Earth today plays like a movie that fell from the sky, origins unknown" - Seattle Times

"Bowie, slender, elegant, remote, evokes this alien so successfully that one could say, without irony, this was a role he was born to play" - Roger Ebert

"The real story is less about the sci-fi and more about the weirdness on Earth, a woozy dream of greed and alcohol and betrayal, as the gentle Newton is preyed upon by hucksters and the American government" - The Times

"As science-fiction films go, this is a unique one. It focuses on character and implied ideas, not on plot and special effects. It’s very much a product of the 1970s, when idiosyncratic directors deliberately tried to make great films. A production of this style is almost unthinkable today" Roger Ebert

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Sun Feb 12th, 4pm. 
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