Revelation Film Festival 2014


Continuance short film

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We had a fantastic response to the Continue short film initiative and we're now in the process of wading through the submissions to see which projects are going to move to the next step of consideration alongside the international call - but the WA ones go to the top of the pile!

We thank all filmmakers for entering their work and we look forward very much to seeing what transpires!

Exciting right?


The Continue Short Film Initiative is a unique opportunity for filmmakers with a feature film or long-form TV idea to demonstrate proof of concept through the production of a short film. The initiative will provide up to $10,000 production funding for selected scripts that demonstrate their ability to translate into feature film concepts. In unearthing these stories, Revelation is working with Continuance Pictures who are themselves working with Korean Distributors Showbox and CJ Entertainment in project concepts that can move into feature or long-form production stages.

This fund and initiative aims targets A-list film festivals with the short as well as providing a proof of concept and trial for the bigger production. 


The low budget short, empowering those involved with creative control and bold choices. 

Continuance is committed to building a working relationship, with the end objective being the long form script fully financed with distribution attached. We will make use of all our in-house functions to put the film in the best possible position to find success. 


Up to $10,000 is available for qualified proposals.


This is an international call, but WA filmmakers are provided the opportunity to go to the front of the queue in this new collaboration between Continuance and Revelation. Your submission will be assessed by a panel of three Western Australian screen industry professionals and those submissions that meet the criteria and strength of idea will go directly to the Continuance panel made up of filmmakers and producers for final consideration in the international mix. 

The final successful selection will be submitted to ShowBox, CJ Entertainment through Continuance for first-look feature production with Umbrella Entertainment as an Australian affiliation.