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City of Vincent Film Project 2018

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For 2019 we've again partnered with the City of Vincent in the City of Vincent Film project. 
For this, 3 lucky recipients receive $5,000 in production funding to make a non-fiction film that has some form of orbit that intersects with the City...and here they are
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 grant:
KICK LIKE A GIRL: AFL is our national sport, it has brought communities together for over 100 years. Today, Women’s AFL is growing at a rapid rate and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. One teenage girl is right in the centre of that growth and she has her eyes on the prize. This film will follow Jasmin Stewart as she chases her dream of making it into the Women’s AFL to play at the top level. 
Produced by Gabby Ho and directed by Jake Blackburn (The Man & His Island)
THE THROWBACK: If video killed the radio star, then surely Netflix has killed the DVD store. So how can one tenacious woman keep her doors open long enough to be the last DVD store in the city?
PERSIA’S PANTRY: Persia’s Pantry follows the incredible life journey of Arad Niksefat, a man forced to flee from his own country, only to face a much harsher and demoralising life as an asylum seeker in Australia.
Produced by Daniel Njegich (Men of the Shipyard) and directed by Daniel Pitcher (Broken Wings).
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