Revelation Film Festival 2014

Call For Entries

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Entry Deadline April 13th, 2018

We're now currently calling for entries for the 2018 event.

Each year we receive hundreds of films of all genres, all durations and from the four corners of the globe. It's a fantastic way to gauge the international creative mood and also obviously be part of the event.

In looking at the films we don't have groups of panels but rather we take a more active and curatorial approach. All titles submitted are viewed by the Festival Director. A shortlist is then made - usually made up of around 30% of the titles submitted in each category and those films are then viewed by the Program Director to ensure that all films selected (invited or through the cal for entries) provide a complete and cohesive program. 

It's that kind of love, program care and exposure to large audiences that brings more and more films and the filmmakers themselves to Rev. 

You can submit your entries via:

Our entry fee is $40. 

Just finally unless you're from Iran where international banking is very difficult, please don't ask for a fee waiver.

Good luck!

Conditions of Entry:

We don’t like rules so we don’t have many, but please read and fill out the entry form carefully. 


  • 􏰀  Accepted preview formats: MPG4, Quicktime and online via Vimeo etc 
  • 􏰀  If the work is accepted into the event, Revelation will pay all relevant national/international
    freight charges
  • 􏰀  All films must be completed after Jan 1 2017.
  • 􏰀  Each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry fee 


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